Haarlem, Holland

I left Leiden in the morning October 5th. I took a train to Haarlem with the plan to stay one night and meeting up with Eva, Jessamy and her partner in crime Scott. I left Leiden in the rain, and the sun came out for the bulk of the two following days, and boy did... Continue Reading →


Leiden, Holland

In early October, I celebrated my 28th birthday in Cork. The day after, I was on a plane headed to Holland! In university, I was so fortunate to have wonderful roommates. In my first semester of university, I shared a campus apartment with three girls - two of which became amazing friends. We adopted others... Continue Reading →

A Summer of Celebration

Part of the reason I worried about moving to Ireland was that I knew I was going to miss stuff. Missing events is not a completely foreign concept to me - and maybe that's what made it something to worry about. I have moved around a lot since I joined the world of adulthood some... Continue Reading →

The Herons of Cork City

Growing up, my family loved camping. We still do. My dad always made a point of teaching us about birds and plants wherever we were. He has this big pair of binoculars and a book to identify birds and plants in our area. One of the birds we rarely came across was the elusive and... Continue Reading →

A Day At UCC and Fitzgerald’s Park

Now that the holiday and celebration stuff is sorted, I can return to telling you about what's happening (or actually what HAS happened) in Ireland-land. A long time ago, in a land far far away... Actually it was August 26th, and about a five minute walk from my place, but who's counting. I met up... Continue Reading →

It’s my Irelandversary!

Yes, ladies and gents. Today marks one year since I landed in Ireland! I don't know about you, but I feel like time is going faster and faster and faster as the years go on. It doesn't feel like yesterday, but it certainly does not feel like a whole 12 months have gone by since... Continue Reading →

Welcome, 2018!

Happy New Year! I hope you celebrated with loved ones and friends, and had a great time ringing in the new year. Honestly though, if you slept through it, or hung out alone with your cat and were totally cool with that, I most definitely am not passing any judgement. That was my plan (minus... Continue Reading →

Merry Belated Christmas!

It's December 31st and I am sitting in my kitchen, wearing pyjamas and writing this post. It has been an incredibly busy couple of months, and there are no signs of that stopping in the near future. This weekend is one of the only weekends since early November that I have had to sleep as... Continue Reading →

Snapshots of Cork

So, as we have now established, I moved to Cork the day before Canada Day. I really like it here. I easily felt at home in Cork, as I did in Galway. When I switched apartments in Cork, I moved closer to town. I started walking to the bus station or bus stops, and walking... Continue Reading →

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