Blarney Castle and Its Famous Stone

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Do you have the gift of the gab? Can you sweet talk you way into a date, out of a speeding ticket? Are you the person who can keep the crowd laughing or the one who can diffuse a fight just by using eloquence and having a good command of your... Continue Reading →


Good at Goodbyes

Last week, I said goodbye to my closest friend here in Cork. Calla returned to New York after her visa here timed out. I am very sad that I won't be meeting up with her at the grocery store, or sitting down for tea or going for a couple of pints. Mostly I will miss... Continue Reading →

R-Ra-Wra-Ra-Wrap up!

In junior high, I had a social studies teacher who tried to teach us some revision skills. He would help us make "Aide-mémoires". Essentially, writing out your notes and reducing and reducing until one line can remind you of an entire chapter kinda thing. He used to do the revision sessions with a 'record-scratch' "Wrap... Continue Reading →


This post will likely ruffle some feathers, and frankly, I don't care. There are some topics that are a taboo discussion topic. The ones you're not supposed to bring up at the dinner table. This is one of them. Abortion. A couple of days after I got to Ireland in January 2017, I was approached... Continue Reading →

A Canadian Surprise

Since July, I had been planning a party for my mom's 60th birthday. She definitely wanted to mark the occasion, and I was happy to sort out the structure from here. I recruited some helpers in Canada and we put together a whole day for her. She started the day off with breakfast, then got... Continue Reading →

Paris, Part 2

After criss-crossing the streets of Strasbourg, I took a train to Paris where I fought my ailing immune system to go see the sights. I had one full day to spend in Paris before going back to Ireland. Truly, though, all I wanted to do was sleep. I had spent a very very very busy... Continue Reading →

Bonjour Paris!

When I went to France, I had one day to check out Paris. I say I had one day, but technically, there was about one day at the beginning of my trip as well as the one full day. Let's call it two and shake on it, ok? I have been to France before. It... Continue Reading →

Strasbourg, France

In early November, soon after I got back from Holland, I was sent to France for work. I got about a day and a half's notice and I was on a plane. It was a crazy whirlwind three weeks and I really didn't see much while I was in France, even though I travelled around... Continue Reading →

The Beast From the East!

It was the most snow Ireland had seen in about 30 years. The combination of storms that hit Ireland and the UK shut down the countries. Storm Emma and The Beast From the East (dubbed as such because of the Siberian and Arctic winds that whipped the islands) lead to the dropping of "well over... Continue Reading →

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