Snapshots of Cork

So, as we have now established, I moved to Cork the day before Canada Day. I really like it here. I easily felt at home in Cork, as I did in Galway. When I switched apartments in Cork, I moved closer to town. I started walking to the bus station or bus stops, and walking... Continue Reading →


Hiking in Ballydehob

As I write this, I am sitting in a cafe in Strasbourg in France. I have been on the go for three weeks now, and this is the first legitimate moment to breathe I have had, and I am happy to use some of it to be writing again! On this day in August, I... Continue Reading →

Pride in Cork City

Pride week in Cork City was coming to a close, and the weekend was the final shebang with the festival and parade on the schedule. On August 5th, I had an appointment in town and walked through the park to check out the festivities. I ran into some coworkers who were also partaking in the... Continue Reading →


After starting to settle into Cork, I took another day trip. This time to Kinsale. It's, again, not far from Cork - accessible easily by bus. What a lovely place! It was a Saturday and Kinsale was bustling! I got there around 11, so I wandered around the colourful streets for a while and got... Continue Reading →

A Brief Look at Cobh

On June 30th, I arrived in Cork to start a new job. That day was mostly just running errands, but I wanted to get it all done because the next day I was attending a Canada Day BBQ in Cobh. You can read up on that experience here. Cobh (pronounced Cove) is about a 30... Continue Reading →

Coral Beach

Pre-working days allowed for day excursions. It is May 3rd, and Natalie and I decide to check out Coral Beach which was recommended to me by a friend a while back. Natalie and I packed a picnic, packed Dennis up too, and headed out near Carraroe in Co. Galway. It was a stunning day and... Continue Reading →

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