Rosses Point and Strandhill

Back to Sligo and surroundings! When I went to the tourist office in Sligo, I was recommended the quick 'day trip' that one can do in and around Sligo. There is a city bus that can take you to both Rosses Point and Strandhill for just under 10 euro for the trip all the way... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Waiting Tables

I have been working long days as of late. My feet are still killing me, but that's not what I'm writing about today. Well, maybe a line or two, but really there are a few topics I want to bring up. 1) Tip your waiter/waitress. I don't care where you are in the world, tip... Continue Reading →


Update: I have a job. A name tag and everything! I am waiting tables at The Galwegian restaurant at Flannery's Hotel in Galway. I have to wear a uniform (black pants, white dress shirt with long sleeves, red tie, black waistcoat, apron, and shiny gold name tag. Pretty fancy, right? Not my usual attire! I... Continue Reading →


Going way back in the archives today! I started my little road trip to the North Western part of Ireland on March 7th. I took busses along the way with planned stops in Westport, Sligo, Donegal and Birr before heading back to Galway. On the way to Westport, I pumped myself up to climb Croagh... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

I'mmmm baaaccckkk! Did you miss me? I missed you! I also missed me, so, no pressure to miss me if you didn't! I have been away. I have been in a zone where WiFi wasn't very stable. I did try to write once, but the internet cut out after about two minutes. Those are some... Continue Reading →

Storm Doris and The Ring of Kerry

During my stay in Cork, it was warm out. "The kind of warm that comes before a big storm back home!" I said to the taxi driver. "Not surprising, then, that they're calling for a big storm tonight. Storm Doris they're calling it here. They give all big storms a name" he jovially responded. I... Continue Reading →

Cork City, Part 2

Up early, and on a mission, I found the tourist office and hit the pavement running. OK fine. Let's be honest. There were no zombies chasing me, so I was walking... but I like to think I can outwalk the Olympic speedwalkers. OK fine. That's a lie too. My endurance is better though, and I... Continue Reading →

Cork City, Part 1

It's been a while again... To be fair, I've been on the job hunt and taking in as many small adventures as possible before landing a job. There have been some advances in that area, by the way. No jinxing myself though. When something official comes through, I will be more than happy to share!... Continue Reading →

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