This is the ongoing story of my ultimate quarter-life crisis. All jokes aside, it’s a place for me to open up about my adventures living in Ireland. It is also a place to explore human interaction and figure out where I really stand in this big, bad, world. Feel free to roam the pages, leave comments, and share your experiences.

The most asked question when I announced my plans to move abroad to Ireland, is “Why Ireland”? To that, I replied: “Why not Ireland!? Come for the scenery, stay for the people, and challenge yourself in the rain!”

The second question that often follows the first is an inquiry as to whether or not I have ventured into this adventure on my own. The answer is a resonating YES! I have often carved out my own path to doing things, and this is no different.

I left Canada on January 9th, and landed in Dublin on January 10th 2017.


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