Donegal’s Famine Grave

In Donegal, on the East side of town, there is a famine grave. This was my first time visiting one, though they exist throughout the country. Known as the Great Famine, the Great Hunger or the Irish Potato Famine, it was a very difficult time for Ireland. Between 1845 and 1848 with effects being felt... Continue Reading →


Bundoran, not far from the town of Donegal. It is a seaside town and isn't very active during the off season, which is when I was there. I headed Bundoran way in the afternoon of March 10th. When I got off the bus, I walked down to the beach. This was it. This was the... Continue Reading →

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!

150 years. That is roughly five times my age. I could have lived my life over five times in the time that Canada has officially been a country. What a thought! This year was my first year spending Canada Day away from home - in a different country altogether. There is a beautiful thing happening... Continue Reading →


March 10th, 2017, I arrived in Donegal. Donegal is North of Sligo. It's actually the Republic of Ireland's northernmost county. Donegal (DĂșn na nGall in Irish) means "The Fort of the Foreigners ". It is well known for its coastal views and heavy accents. I only got a tiny little taste of the vast coastline... Continue Reading →

Rosses Point and Strandhill

Back to Sligo and surroundings! When I went to the tourist office in Sligo, I was recommended the quick 'day trip' that one can do in and around Sligo. There is a city bus that can take you to both Rosses Point and Strandhill for just under 10 euro for the trip all the way... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Waiting Tables

I have been working long days as of late. My feet are still killing me, but that's not what I'm writing about today. Well, maybe a line or two, but really there are a few topics I want to bring up. 1) Tip your waiter/waitress. I don't care where you are in the world, tip... Continue Reading →


Update: I have a job. A name tag and everything! I am waiting tables at The Galwegian restaurant at Flannery's Hotel in Galway. I have to wear a uniform (black pants, white dress shirt with long sleeves, red tie, black waistcoat, apron, and shiny gold name tag. Pretty fancy, right? Not my usual attire! I... Continue Reading →


Going way back in the archives today! I started my little road trip to the North Western part of Ireland on March 7th. I took busses along the way with planned stops in Westport, Sligo, Donegal and Birr before heading back to Galway. On the way to Westport, I pumped myself up to climb Croagh... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

I'mmmm baaaccckkk! Did you miss me? I missed you! I also missed me, so, no pressure to miss me if you didn't! I have been away. I have been in a zone where WiFi wasn't very stable. I did try to write once, but the internet cut out after about two minutes. Those are some... Continue Reading →

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