Mon français à moi…

C'est assez long mes amis... apportez votre café. Vivre le français en Irlande, c'est pas nécessairement facile. La langue parlée en Irlande c'est surtout l'anglais, mais il faut préciser, par contre, que le français existe quand même ici. L'Irlande fait partie de l'Europe donc il y a des gens de partout en Europe qui y... Continue Reading →


“When are you coming home?”

When I started planning this adventure, it was January of 2016. It all seemed like a far off dream. Something completely unattainable. I started saving money for my trip, but to be completely honest, I was not doing well at that at all. I think part of it was that I wasn't even sure it... Continue Reading →

Fork Fantasies and Spoon Stories

When one thinks of Ireland, one often thinks of liquid consumptions over food consumption. Maybe some stews and potatoes... Be not fooled my hungry friends! You will definitely not starve in Ireland. In fact, I would say that international knowledge of Ireland's local delicacies is largely unknown. For months before I flew to Ireland, I... Continue Reading →

We Need to Talk About Loneliness

I travel alone. I meet and connect with so many people along the way. I make new relationships, new friendships. Even though I am alone, I am rarely lonely. It's important, however, that I distinguish a difference. Being alone means you are the only person occupying a space or situation. Being lonely moreso refers to... Continue Reading →

The Black Swan

I was back in Galway now, and during my time in Slane, I had a few opportunities to keep tabs on what was happening back home in Canada, but also in other parts of Ireland, including Galway. This post came up on Facebook and everyone was losing their minds because a black swan had showed... Continue Reading →

Leaving Slane

Whoops! I published out of order. Ahh well. I hesitated to write this post. I'm still hesitant as I write these words. But hey, I committed to telling my stories, well... here it is. I took a job in Slane. It wasn't the ideal job, but it sounded kind of cool and challenging, so I... Continue Reading →

Jasper the Dog

There are some moments in life you kind of wish you could forget. This is one of them. It was April 27th. A cloudy day. Very humid. I was heading to town to get out of the house, so I walked up to the bus stop. I had just missed the bus to town, which... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Bravery

When I first started talking about coming to Ireland, reactions were mixed. Polite enthusiasm, genuine excitement and encouragement, jealousy, and many aghast reactions underlined with fear and doubt. Mostly, I brushed off the reactions because I'm not here for them. I'm here for me. One of the most common reactions I got - and still... Continue Reading →

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