Hiking in Ballydehob

As I write this, I am sitting in a cafe in Strasbourg in France. I have been on the go for three weeks now, and this is the first legitimate moment to breathe I have had, and I am happy to use some of it to be writing again! On this day in August, I... Continue Reading →


Pride in Cork City

Pride week in Cork City was coming to a close, and the weekend was the final shebang with the festival and parade on the schedule. On August 5th, I had an appointment in town and walked through the park to check out the festivities. I ran into some coworkers who were also partaking in the... Continue Reading →


After starting to settle into Cork, I took another day trip. This time to Kinsale. It's, again, not far from Cork - accessible easily by bus. What a lovely place! It was a Saturday and Kinsale was bustling! I got there around 11, so I wandered around the colourful streets for a while and got... Continue Reading →

A Brief Look at Cobh

On June 30th, I arrived in Cork to start a new job. That day was mostly just running errands, but I wanted to get it all done because the next day I was attending a Canada Day BBQ in Cobh. You can read up on that experience here. Cobh (pronounced Cove) is about a 30... Continue Reading →

Coral Beach

Pre-working days allowed for day excursions. It is May 3rd, and Natalie and I decide to check out Coral Beach which was recommended to me by a friend a while back. Natalie and I packed a picnic, packed Dennis up too, and headed out near Carraroe in Co. Galway. It was a stunning day and... Continue Reading →

Mon français à moi…

C'est assez long mes amis... apportez votre café. Vivre le français en Irlande, c'est pas nécessairement facile. La langue parlée en Irlande c'est surtout l'anglais, mais il faut préciser, par contre, que le français existe quand même ici. L'Irlande fait partie de l'Europe donc il y a des gens de partout en Europe qui y... Continue Reading →

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