I Have My Work Permit!!!

Last weekend I took the bus towards Dublin. The time had finally come. WORK PERMIT! If you haven't followed my blog from the very beginning or if you've forgotten why this is such a big deal, I'll give you a quick recap: Leaving Canada, my fellow Canadians and I were not aware that we needed... Continue Reading →


I have neglected you! It has been so long since my last blog post!! I'm sorry! To be fair, a lot has happened in the past couple weeks and I barely have had time to breathe. Today, it is forecasted to rain all day, so I am seizing the day. I am in my pyjamas... Continue Reading →

Fanore, Co. Clare

I mentioned wanting to explore a small beach recommended to me by a friend. A beach where the 'sand' is really bits of coral. Sounds pretty cool, right? Eventually I'll venture out that way, but luckily, my host family suggested an alternative beach I should explore. Fanore Beach. Fanore is a small village in County... Continue Reading →

Gallivanting in Galway

I've been in Galway close to 1 month now, and I've wandered many of the main streets, drank a lot of coffee, did some people watching, ate some food, but I had yet to actually take in some of the more informative sights of Galway. So a few days ago, I spent some time in... Continue Reading →


A few days ago, I took a day trip to a small crafting village outside of Galway. A 30 minute bus ride took me along the ocean to Spiddal. The bus dropped me off not far from the crafting village, so I checked that out first. The small "community" of crafts had a little of... Continue Reading →

Volunteering at the Galway SPCA

Probably my favourite thing to do in Galway at the moment is volunteer for the Galway SPCA. I spend at least two days per week helping out with the cattery in downtown Galway. I clean litter boxes, I clean the cages, I feed them, and, of course, I cuddle all the kitties.  It has been... Continue Reading →


After the last blog post, I took a bit of time to reflect on what I was doing here, and what my goals are. I haven't quite nailed all of them down, but I did refocus a little bit to make sure I wasn't wandering the same streets day after day. Galway is beautiful and... Continue Reading →

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