The Black Swan

I was back in Galway now, and during my time in Slane, I had a few opportunities to keep tabs on what was happening back home in Canada, but also in other parts of Ireland, including Galway. This post came up on Facebook and everyone was losing their minds because a black swan had showed... Continue Reading →


Leaving Slane

Whoops! I published out of order. Ahh well. I hesitated to write this post. I'm still hesitant as I write these words. But hey, I committed to telling my stories, well... here it is. I took a job in Slane. It wasn't the ideal job, but it sounded kind of cool and challenging, so I... Continue Reading →

Jasper the Dog

There are some moments in life you kind of wish you could forget. This is one of them. It was April 27th. A cloudy day. Very humid. I was heading to town to get out of the house, so I walked up to the bus stop. I had just missed the bus to town, which... Continue Reading →

A Reflection on Bravery

When I first started talking about coming to Ireland, reactions were mixed. Polite enthusiasm, genuine excitement and encouragement, jealousy, and many aghast reactions underlined with fear and doubt. Mostly, I brushed off the reactions because I'm not here for them. I'm here for me. One of the most common reactions I got - and still... Continue Reading →

Killarney With the VIPs

After spending time around Slane with my parents, I met them in Killarney in Co. Kerry. I have been there before, taking in the Ring of Kerry tour (Read about that here). The day I met up with them, my parents had taken the Ring of Kerry tour as well. It was afternoon when I... Continue Reading →

VIPs from Canada visit Ireland

I got visitors! My loving parents generously came to visit me in Ireland! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to know they were coming to visit! At the time of their visit, I was living just outside of Slane, and work kept me from being able to meet them at the airport in... Continue Reading →

Paddy’s Day

Paddy's Day in Ireland.St. Patrick's Day in Canada. Same thing. I think Ireland is the only country that can brag about their country being celebrated all over the world on the same day... Shamrocks and beer are sure to be a part of the celebrations no matter where you go, and a ton of places... Continue Reading →


When I told people I went/was going to Birr in County Offaly, the general response was a look of utter confusion, and "why?????". I said that I saw a nice picture, and that it was a good way to make a circle back to Galway. Birr, as a whole, did not disappoint! There were a... Continue Reading →

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