The Spanish Train: Destination Killarney

As you grow up, you are exposed mostly to the music your parents listen to. I grew up listening to the Bee Gees, the Beatles, Patsy Cline, ACDC and more. My mom often reminds me that she used to dance with me on her hip to John Mellencamp. I loved music my whole life. When I was a kid, I legitimately slept with a tape player in my bed, or nearby. I couldn’t sleep without having music playing.

I once owned a Sony cassette player boom box kinda thing, but it had a microphone attached to it. An all-in-one to make my singer dreams come true. I also owned a pocket version of this cassette player. I don’t think it was a legitimate walkman – that was for adults – but it was the next-best thing.

I never became a singer (except for some epic moments in my car…) But I did maintain my love for music. I was so lucky to have been exposed to so many different genres of music growing up. With radio ALWAYS playing in the background of my parents’ home, it is easy to be exposed to all kinds of things.

There are a few select albums that I snatched from my parents’ collection, and I obsessed over them. Some of them include Lonestar’s “Lonely Grill” (Amazed anyone?), George Moustaki – an album I cannot find anywhere… It was a greatest hits album of sorts. L’album du lait, Martina McBride to name a few. Among them, there were two Chris de Burgh albums: Quiet Revolution, and Spanish Train.

I LOVED these albums. I played them on loops. Over and over and over. I had a habit of doing this whenever I fixated on a song or CD that I really liked. So much so that my mom would yell at me to change CDs, or skip the track that I had been belting out for hours while “cleaning” my room.

Anyway, my parents planned their trip to Ireland around the Chris de Burgh concert we were about to see in Killarney. We got into the venue, sat down in our seats and the excitement was real. The place was buzzing. Technically, Chris de Burgh was born in Argentina, but his dad was English and his mom Irish. He now lives in Ireland, so he was playing a home crowd.

What a guy. Such a great show!! He played all the hits. Underwear flew onto the stage during “Patricia the Stripper”, and he went around hugging women during “Lady in Red”. I thin everyone left that concert in such great spirits. Wonderful evening! I understand now, why Maman has been to so many Chris de Burgh concerts.

The next day, we took the bus together to Cork and spent the morning together before I took the bus back towards Slane.

Even Martin was in Cork with us!

Leaving my parents was just as hard as when I left Edmonton. Actually… It was harder. Many tears were shed, but it was such a pleasure for me to share Ireland with them. I know they enjoyed their trip, and the memories that we made from our time together here will be moments I will cherish forever.


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  1. I for one… bucket list checked … seeing Chris de Burgh in Ireland. BUT the best was to share with you and Papa. Truly moments and memories kept close to the heart! HuGs M.


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