Paddy’s Day

Paddy’s Day in Ireland.St. Patrick’s Day in Canada.

Same thing. I think Ireland is the only country that can brag about their country being celebrated all over the world on the same day…

Shamrocks and beer are sure to be a part of the celebrations no matter where you go, and a ton of places hold parades. A lot of places light stuff up. Some places dye water fountains and rivers. Either way, it seems the Irish have a place in everyone’s hearts (and rightly so!)

I was pretty excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in Ireland! There were things going on all over the country. Dublin was (as usual), forecasted to be completely insane, so I hung around Galway. The forecast for Paddy’s Day was miserable. Every one held out hope, but alas, the day arrived and it was an ugly day.

Parade spectators in Dublin

I woke up that morning feeling a bit blah. You know, when you wake up and it’s raining, and you know you’re going to be spending the day out of the house instead of curling up on the couch to watch movies and eat comfort food while being wrapped in blankets. Perhaps a blanket fort is even in order on such days.

I would have felt terrible, however, to miss the day altogether. I got up, put on my funny shamrock shirt (I don’t even think I have a picture of it! To give you an idea, it was a t-shirt with sequin shamrocks across the chest, but they were double sided sequins. One side was all green, and the other side was Irish flag colours) and my rain jacket, and head off into town to take in the parade.

By the time I got into town, the crowd had started to gather and claim some spots along shop street. I got myself a warm beverage and found a nook where I figured I wouldn’t be too squished (being in small spaces or in a tight crowd are some of my least favourite things ever). I developed a hate for umbrellas that day. If you’re going to be around people, do not be the person holding the umbrella threatening to impale an eye of a passerby every time you move an inch! I was dodging umbrellas, getting SOAKED, and starting to get miserable.

Alas, the parade started and floats drove by. Groups cheered and chanted. People danced in the streets. Every ethnic group or cultural entity was represented. Sports, music, clubs all marched in the parade.

I’m slightly ashamed to say that I bailed after an hour or so. Honestly though. After an hour of not moving, standing in the cold rain, being completely soaked through, I had really had enough.

I was meeting some friends for some pints a bit later on, so I wandered various interiors of buildings, and eventually met up with friends. I had a couple of pints, but in the end, I was still cold, still wet, and I hadn’t shook the blah mood I was in that morning. So I decided to avoid being the energy suck at the table and go watch a movie. I was going to get my movie in the end! No blanket forts, unfortunately, but popcorn and a warm place to sit and maybe even dry off a little bit.

I walked to the movies, checked what was playing, and just picked the one that started the soonest. I had the choice between Beauty and the Beast and Logan. Beauty and the Beast was gathering a crowd because it came out the day before, so I picked Logan. For the record, it was very good.

Then I went home, and I think I was in bed by 10:00pm.

Was it a flop? Maybe a little bit… But maybe I’ll be around next year to give it a second go.

* No photos aside from the ones taken at the Galway parade are mine. They come from many different media outlets.


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