Update: I have a job. A name tag and everything! I am waiting tables at The Galwegian restaurant at Flannery’s Hotel in Galway. I have to wear a uniform (black pants, white dress shirt with long sleeves, red tie, black waistcoat, apron, and shiny gold name tag.

Pretty fancy, right? Not my usual attire! I feel like a completely different person! The fun thing about the hotel is that I meet people who are travelling from all over the world. I’ve served many Canadians too, which is always fun!

I cannot, however, explain to you the constant pain in my feet. On a busy day, I am walking close to 14kms per day, which is a lot for me. In Canada, I was averaging about 2kms per day.

The important increase in physical activity has resulted in dropping a few pounds, but also the evolution of tendinitis in my left foot and ankle. The day after seeing the podiatrist, I was interviewed and offered the position at Flannery’s Hotel. I started the day after that. So much for resting!! I did have a follow-up appointment recently, and it seems things are on the mend thanks to fancy insoles, ice and stretches.

All that to say that with work taking up the bulk of my time now, I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to continue the storytelling! I’m in between shifts at the restaurant at the moment, so here we go: Sligo!

Sligo reminds me a lot of Galway. The beautiful little town (population over 65,000) is quirky, artsy, historical and charming! Did you know that the band members from Westlife were born in Sligo?

Don’t know Westlife? Neither did I. How about that facial expression by Nicky Byrne in the middle! Whew! Creepy! Anyway, I guess they’re (or were) a super popular Irish boy band in the late 90s and early 2000s. Can’t get enough of that photo. Gold.

One of their biggest hits is Uptown Girl. Have a listen! Uptown Girl – Westlife

Anyway. Strayed from the topic! Probably the most prominent historical figure associated with Sligo is W.B. Yeats. Irish poet, William Butler Yeats is not from Sligo, but he spent his childhood holidays there. He went on to become one of Ireland’s most well known historical figures, and Sligo definitely keeps his memory alive!

W.B. Yeats’ statue in Sligo. I got to Sligo in the evening when dusk had already fallen. I had some dinner, and wandered the streets back to the hostel I was staying at.

Day two started early with a trip to the tourist information office. They offered me a map of a self-guided tour of the town. I hit the pavement, map in hand and tried to see as much as I could! The Sligo Cathedral is being restored, so the exterior was partially covered up. Fair enough, seeing as it opened in 1874.

There are 69 stained glass windows in the cathedral.

The courthouse was built in 1878 on the same grounds as the old courthouse that was used as a carpenter’s shop to build coffins during the cholera outbreak of 1832.

The Abbey is the only remaining medieval building in the town of Sligo. I was recommended to skip it by the tourist office because it wasn’t open to the public. I’m really glad I went to have a look through the gates though! I think Irish people take for granted some of the treasures that are right in front of them because they can and do see them all the time. I suppose the same thing can be said for every place.

One of the buildings that compromise ‘The Model’. In 1862, it was a Model School. Now it’s an art gallery. Admission is free, so I had a look around. It wasn’t really my cup of tea. Most of the exhibition involved walking around in almost pitch black conditions. There was one piece that really weirded me out…

Nothing like a few human skulls to creep you out a bit!

The library and museum.

W.B. Yeats memorial building.

And finally, City Hall.

O’Connell Street in Sligo was dressed up and ready to go for Paddy’s Day. The countdown was started and there were only 8 days left until the entire country celebrated Ireland!

Would I go back to Sligo? Absolutely! I spent the afternoon of this same day doing two small road trips. After leaving the Sligo area to head towards Donegal, I spent the bus ride looking for jobs in Sligo online. Not many vacancies, unfortunately! Who knows though! Opportunities pop up all the time for different things! I’m keeping my eyes and ears open!

Sligo is a gem, and I will be back!


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  1. Bien contente d’avoir de tes nouvelles. Cette ville a l’air charmante. J’aime beaucoup les vieux édifices. Ce doit être un endroit magique pour écrire un roman.Tu as l’air en pleine forme. Bonne chance avec tes douleurs aux pieds.


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