I’m back!

I’mmmm baaaccckkk! Did you miss me? I missed you! I also missed me, so, no pressure to miss me if you didn’t!

I have been away. I have been in a zone where WiFi wasn’t very stable. I did try to write once, but the internet cut out after about two minutes.

Those are some snapshots from the past month…

The great news is that I am back in Galway. I have briefly posted about it on Facebook, but if you missed it, I’ll catch you up. I left Galway just over one month ago to pursue a challenge in Slane, not far from Dublin. I found it difficult and isolating to be there, so in the end, I am back in Galway. I don’t think I knew how much I had missed this place until I got back.

I feel lighter, like the air is finally filling my lungs again. I really feel like I am my best self in Galway. I am surrounded by positive people who love to chat (which is completely okay with me!) I am wandering the streets with a silly grin on my face as I revisit the sights and sounds that made me fall in love with Galway in the first place.

Since I left, flowers have been planted and the perennials have sprouted. The leaves are budding on the trees and real springtime is spreading like a very contagious laugh.

The not-so-fun part is that I am still looking for work. I have reached the point where I am desperate. It’s a situation I was hoping to avoid, but alas, here we are. I am going to have a little help on that front in the coming weeks, but really, I have to keep applying and keep believing that something will eventually work out! They say what you put out in the universe comes back to you. Well, listen up universe! I am working and waiting and being positive. Anytime you feel like reflecting that energy back to me would be great. The sooner, the better!

In the meantime, I am back on the volunteering roster at the local SPCA. The coming days will likely be quiet because most of the cats have been adopted, and the other is being moved to the other location where he’ll have more room to roam and play! Good news in the end! The quiet probably won’t last though. Kitten season is looming and there’s a good chance we’ll be swamped very soon! To make the whole situation a bit more interesting, the SPCA responded to a cruelty call while I was gone. They recovered several rabbits that were being breeded and mistreated. There are now eight rabbits in our care at the city cattery.

Tommy, the cuddle lover is headed to our other location for some much needed space! I am sure he will receive lots of cuddles there as well!

On the personal front, I have returned to stay with the Harvey family. There are people who show up in your life when you need them the most. The ones who are unexpected and yet have such an important impact on your life and how you choose to view and live it from that point forward. The Harvey family is that welcome surprise. I have no idea where I would be without them!

Evening walks through the woods in front of our home. The wild garlic is in bloom (not the plants pictured) and it makes a killer soup! Anyone know if we have wild garlic in Alberta?

I have many stories to tell you. Most of them have been waiting a while because of the whole WiFi situation, but I haven’t forgotten about them and I can’t wait to share them with you! Ireland continues to surprise me and I expect it’s not going to stop surprising me anytime soon!


5 thoughts on “I’m back!

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  1. Hang in there girl I’m going to send my vibes your way
    Works send me your spirit

    Go work spirit go

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your doing great,it’s all part of it !!
    Something will come your way soon ,
    you just need the right fit…


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