Cork City, Part 1

It’s been a while again… To be fair, I’ve been on the job hunt and taking in as many small adventures as possible before landing a job. There have been some advances in that area, by the way. No jinxing myself though. When something official comes through, I will be more than happy to share!

So. Where were we? Last time I updated you, I had lost (and thankfully recovered) my bag and important documents. All was now well in the world, so I could continue my Cork adventure.

The name Cork comes from the Irish word corcach which means ‘marsh’. This is because the city is built upon soft, marshy soil much like Mexico City is built on a lake bed. Luckily for Ireland, earthquakes are not common which means the city still has beautiful architecture built multiple centuries ago.

I spent the afternoon with my only family connection in Ireland. Until this moment, we had never met, and before planning my trip, we actually didn’t know about each other. Danielle is my mother’s cousin’s daughter. She has been in Ireland for about eight years now. She is happily engaged to Dave and they have loveliest daughter Amelie (she’s pretty darn adorable too!) It was so great to finally be able to meet. It honestly felt like we had known each other for a very long time previous to this seeing as we know the same family members and have walked the same streets in Canada.

Danielle came to Ireland to travel and to find out more about her family heritage. She met Dave, and, well… The rest is history!

That afternoon, we wandered the streets of downtown Cork. We walked up and down the side streets connecting St. Patrick’s Street and South Mall (mall means ‘slow’ in Irish, by the way!). I learned that Brown Thomas, a department store here that is similar to Holt Renfrew back home, is owned by a Canadian. I have walked past the Galway location several times but before it was pointed out to me, I had never noticed the Canadian flag flowing proudly next to the Irish flag!

We waltzed through the English Market (which is amazing by the way), picked up a couple things and went to Danielle and Dave’s home for dinner. Wined and dined, we sat and continued to catch up on each other’s lives up until now, and near-future plans in and out of Ireland. Amelie’s favourite show (Peppa the Pig) was playing in the background, and we chatted into the evening. It was so great to talk to a family member about life back home, but also about the transition into Irish life and culture. I am very grateful for their warm welcome and am hoping to be able to head back down to Cork sooner than later. Danielle was right when she said that one day was not near long enough to explore Cork. I did give it my very best try, though!

More on my Cork adventure next, but first, the adorable Amelie enjoying Peppa the Pig!


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