I Have My Work Permit!!!

Last weekend I took the bus towards Dublin. The time had finally come. WORK PERMIT! If you haven’t followed my blog from the very beginning or if you’ve forgotten why this is such a big deal, I’ll give you a quick recap:

Leaving Canada, my fellow Canadians and I were not aware that we needed appointments to get the work permits we obviously need to work. We were under the impression that we just needed to basically pull an all-nighter to wait in line at the immigration office in Dublin, and within the day we’d have our permits. This used to be the case but in September they implemented the appointment system.

I arrived in Ireland on January 10th, 2017. The soonest appointment I could get was February 20th, 2017. I had not planned on waiting so long to work… Needless to say I moved out of Dublin and laid low until I could get this magical card that allowed me to work. Not make money… but work.

SO! February 20th finally came. I stayed in a hostel the night before to make sure I’d be in Dublin on time. The last thing I needed was some horrific incident to keep me from this long awaited appointment. On the 20th, my appointment wasn’t until 1PM, but I found myself hovering in the area of the building two hours ahead of time. SO antsy! I broke my pact with myself about not entering a Starbucks while I was overseas for two reasons. They have pretty good wifi and tables, and they were right beside the immigration building.

They tell you in your appointment confirmation email that you shouldn’t show up more than 10 minutes ahead of time so I very impatiently waited for 12:45 to roll around (in case it took me five minutes to cross the road) and basically ran to the building.

I waited in line to go through ‘triage’. Then I waited in a crowded room to go through ‘processing and preliminary fingerprinting’. Then I waited to go through ‘official fingerprinting’. Then I waited for my official card and stamp. Then I got it. I got my permit in hand. And I swear to you I nearly cried. It took three hours for the entire process to be completed, but I am now officially allowed to stay in Ireland until January 10, 2019.

When they were taking my photo, I asked the guy (who had lived in Edmonton for a while near Whyte Avenue) if I could smile. He laughed, and told me to smile if I wanted to…

I’m not smiling. I am beaming.

Of course now the reality set in that I have a long way to go to being paid, but at least the work search can now be a full-time effort. Then I can get a job, a PPS number, a bank account and file my tax forms. All in that order… Then I’ll be in business!

Anyone know of anyone hiring self-proclaimed amazing people in Ireland? 😉


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