Fanore Beach

I mentioned wanting to explore a small beach recommended to me by a friend. A beach where the ‘sand’ is really bits of coral. Sounds pretty cool, right? Eventually I’ll venture out that way, but luckily, my host family suggested an alternative beach I should explore. Fanore Beach.

Fanore is a small village in County Clare, just over an hour’s drive from Galway city. It is a hotspot for walking and surfing which isn’t very surprising when you get there. The scenery is beautiful! It’s located on the edge of The Burren which is a special ecosystem. The mountainous area is primarily composed of limestone and is known for its several hundreds types of flowers and ferns that grow in that region. For that reason (among others), the bulk of the area is a Special Area of Conservation.

Fanore Beach is a large beach that exposes large pieces of limestone at low tide.

The beach is popular with surfers, but sadly there was no one challenging the waves that day. Denis, Natalie’s dog, however was challenged by the rough water when his tennis ball was lost to the ocean. Better luck next time, buddy!

The beach is also well known for the sand dunes at the back of the beach. They too are a protected area because they are like a micro ecosystem.

What a beautiful place! It was also on the way to the Cliffs of Moher, but it was mad windy that day, and it likely would have been dangerous to walk the cliff area on such a windy day. It will have to wait for another time!

A huge thank you to Elaine and Natalie who took this Canadian girl on a fantastic adventure! We stopped at a little chocolate factory on the way back to Galway. The Hazel Mountain Chocolate factory is nestled in the Burren mountains. It is one of the smallest and most remote chocolate factories known to exist. Like, in the world!

It has a little café attached to the factory. We sat down, had some tea and fizzy lemonade along with chocolate cake and brownies. The chocolate cake was fantastic! Between the layers of chocolaty deliciousness was a layer of blueberry jam, and the cake was lightly iced with a chocolate ganache I believe. Again, no picture because I prefer to eat my food than to photograph it. I probably should have taken a photo though. It was mad delicious! Guess I’ll just have to go back! (Shucks!)

Update:  Natalie took a picture because she apparently has more self-control than I do!

Here is the website for the Hazel Mountain Chocolate Factory, in case your sweet tooth is curious…


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