Gallivanting in Galway

I’ve been in Galway close to 1 month now, and I’ve wandered many of the main streets, drank a lot of coffee, did some people watching, ate some food, but I had yet to actually take in some of the more informative sights of Galway. So a few days ago, I spent some time in the Galway Museum and the Galway Aquarium. Most of the museums in Ireland are free to roam and learn, so that was good fun. The aquarium had an entrance fee, but I feel that it was worth it!

Galway Atlantaquaria – National Aquarium of Ireland

The aquarium was fun! I attended a fish feeding, and got to feed some of the fish! I wish I could upload some of the videos I took, but, alas, I am left without video uploading capabilities! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some of them! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should! ( @genlaurent ) Here are some of the fish I discovered at the aquarium!

Carp and Koi
Grey Mullet (I think?)
Angelfish and Rummynose Tetra
Thornback Ray

I also got to hold a Spiny Spider Crab. This bad boy. Or technically, girl.

I also got to hold and pet some starfish…

Spiny Starfish
Cushion Starfish

I watched some jellyfish swim around for a long while…

Common Moon Jellyfish

And I also learned some stuff about dolphins and whales…

All very fascinating stuff!! I spent a good 2 hours here!

The Galway City Museum

This museum is pretty cool, and very informative. I’m not a HUGE museum person. I prefer art galleries and things that are moving and engaging (see aquarium experience). However, there was a lot to learn and the expositions had some interactive things that I could play with (brownie points for that!)

The expositions focused mainly on the history of Galway. Prehistoric and medieval Galway were featured in the first part of the museum. Next there was a sports exhibit, focusing primarily on rugby (Ireland’s ice hockey) followed by a portrait of Galway during the war and revolution. There was an exhibit on the Galway Hooker, an art exhibit featuring works focused on 1916 Ireland and finally, a sea science exhibit that was very interactive and informative. It focused on marine biology and conservation and protection.

Pádraic Ó Conaire was the first significant writer in the Irish language.
The Galway Hooker

The Galway City Museum is a must if you want to learn the ins and outs of Galway’s history and important moments. The Sea Science exhibit was a nice surprise! Plus, it’s free to check out, so why not!?


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