A few days ago, I took a day trip to a small crafting village outside of Galway. A 30 minute bus ride took me along the ocean to Spiddal. The bus dropped me off not far from the crafting village, so I checked that out first.

The small “community” of crafts had a little of everything. Glass work, ceramics, photography, general art galleries, silk screening and more. Unfortunately, because it’s not the tourist season, I wasn’t able to check out all the shops, but I did get to go into a few of them. There is also a great cafe at the end of the rows that serves a great cappuccino, and their mushroom soup was to die for.

The small crafting village looks over the ocean. That day, it was very windy. Ohh wait. That’s pretty much every day! šŸ˜› Beautiful, though!

About 10 minutes away on foot, there was a store that was recommended online that I had to check out apparently. Standun. It was like a mini department store that sold clothes mainly, but also a large selection of Aran wool products. Basically, wool that comes from Ireland, knitted into sweaters, ponchos, toques, snoods, scarves, and pretty much everything else you can think up. Fitting, really, seeing as Spiddal prides itself on crafts.

On the way back to the village, I made a couple friends! I also took some time to check out the greenery…

Different types of moss grow on the walls in Ireland as well as different types of lichen. Every wall! I often pause to feel it all. It’s still so strange to me that there is greenery, alive and well in February! Not just moss! Grass, leaves, etc. Flowers are peeking out now. They’ve sprouted from the ground and are set to bloom any day now!

I also flirted with the wind, as I do every day! I honestly think it’s hilarious that it can be so windy all the time. I might get sick of it someday, but for now, I have no one to impress so I just take the wind and go with it!

I walked back into town, caught the bus, and made my way back to Galway. Great little getaway! I leave you with this thought, painted onto the side of a building in the craft village:

“I had a thought in my head. I felt it in my heart. I made it with my hands”


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