Volunteering at the Galway SPCA

Probably my favourite thing to do in Galway at the moment is volunteer for the Galway SPCA. I spend at least two days per week helping out with the cattery in downtown Galway. I clean litter boxes, I clean the cages, I feed them, and, of course, I cuddle all the kitties.

It has been so nice to have a couple appointments in the week to help me remember what day of the week it is. It is a good way to transition myself back into a daily routine. Soon enough I’ll be working, and I don’t know if I’ll have time to volunteer, so it’s a good time now to give back, and a selfish way to get some kitty cuddles back in my life. ❤

If you’ve ever considered the idea of volunteering for your local animal shelter, I strongly suggest you do! It’s very rewarding, albeit slightly heartbreaking. Here are some of the cats that are currently at the downtown GSPCA:

This is Bushmills. Beautiful black cat with yellow eyes. Absolute sweetheart.

Mao is a lovely and playful gentleman. Absolutely adorable also, as you can tell!

Oak is new to the downtown cattery. She is not doing too well. She has basically shut down after being in a cattery for so long. She is stress-shedding and really just needs a home and some loving cuddles. They moved her downtown in hopes that someone will adopt her sooner than later.

Guinevere is hilarious. She can spend a ton of time quiet in a corner, and then all of a sudden have a burst of playful energy! She is absolutely beautiful with her fluffy black fur and bright green eyes.

Danny. Danny is restless. He has been in the cattery forever, and is itching to get out. Today, when I opened his cage, he ran off. I let him hang out in the office while I cleaned. He is a feisty big-hearted lovely cat.

There are another couple cats in the cattery, but they were away today!

My arms are scratched to no end, but honestly, it’s completely worth it! Polysporin is a good friend, but the cats are better friends. Now that I’ve made myself out to be a complete crazy cat lady, I will retire to my bedroom, and look at cats that I follow on Instagram.



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