After the last blog post, I took a bit of time to reflect on what I was doing here, and what my goals are. I haven’t quite nailed all of them down, but I did refocus a little bit to make sure I wasn’t wandering the same streets day after day. Galway is beautiful and there’s plenty to explore but there are also some gems within an hour bus trip away from Galway. One of those is Oranmore.

Oranmore is a village on the outskirts of Galway that houses around 5000 people. It is rapidly becoming a commuter town of Galway, but I hope that process doesn’t go too quickly! Oranmore has its own charm that is different than Galway’s. I spent an afternoon wandering the streets and checking out the outside of Oranmore Castle.

Unfortunately, the castle is only open during the touristy season to actually go inside, but the outside was pretty cool, and the pier gives you a beautiful view of the bay. You have to keep an eye on the tide, though, because you could be stranded on that pier until the tide goes down again… I mean, there are worse places to get caught by the tide, but it’s still quite inconvenient.

The village has a great little coffee shop called Sticky Bakes. I sat down for a coffee and was recommended the mango and passion fruit cheese cake. I’m not usually a big fan of fruity cakes, but this cake was the bomb. It was legitimately so delicious. I would go again, just for that cake. No picture, because, well, I’m not one to take pictures of my food very often. I prefer to eat it.

These are some of the buildings that line the Main Street of Oranmore. The last one… that’s the public library (naturally). Not sure if the middle picture was a private residence, but I’d love to see it in the summer to find out whether the climbing plants on the face of the house end up covering the entirety of the front of the building.

Another common sight in Ireland is this one:

Because… Ireland.

My favourite building in Oranmore, though, is this house I spotted on my way out of town.

Oh, and it looks over this view:

The house wasn’t for sale, but if someone feels inclined to make an offer the owners can’t refuse… That would be greatly appreciated. ❤


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