Rethinking Journey and Destination

Before I get into the thick of things, here is a quick update. I am now out of hostels, living with the Harvey family until I get my work permit on the 20th, and just long enough to land on two feet. They have been amazing, welcoming, and an important source of information regarding some particularities of Irish culture. This new roof over my head has allowed me to rest, and allowed me to finish working on my CV.

I have also had time and space to think more about my relocation, and ultimately, what I want to gain from my experience here. This morning, I stumbled upon an article by Matthew Gould who is essentially a leadership guru. In this article, he suggests we may be arguing over the wrong question when it comes to whether the journey or the destination is more important.

I am a believer that the journey is more important, because the journey is what makes you grow as a person, and as you grow, the destination may change. I never thought about it more deeply than that until I spent my bus ride into town reading this new perspective on the question. Matthew Gould suggests a series of questions rather than an either-or approach.

So here they are:




Why are you taking the journey?

Where are you headed?

How will you get there?

What are you willing to do to arrive there?


I agree that these questions might be more practical in setting concrete goals and likely, then, reaching more of the milestones we set for ourselves.

So here we are. A new set of questions to focus on. I could probably answer the first one easily, but I need some time to reflect on the others. Luckily, life has dealt me a hand that allows me to do that at the moment, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

What are your answers? Perhaps you need to answer these questions for yourself as well. Maybe then we can focus our efforts on answering the second set of questions:

Do I love why I am on the journey?

Do I love what it will mean once I reach the destination?

So that’s the day’s reflection. If you want to read the original article, I encourage you to check it out below.


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