Getting Back Up

So. I had my breakdown, and a couple shitty days followed. So. How did I get back up.

1) I signed up as a volunteer at the local SPCA. It will help occupy my time while I look for work and a place to live, and giving back helps make everyone feel better. Especially when there are cute cats who need all the love!

2) I took the time to have a coffee. Then I took time to have a pot of tea in a recommended shop here in Galway.

3) I took a long walk in the fresh air beside the ocean. I walked until I was hungry, stopped for good food, then continued walking. I walked until I was tired, and walked back to the hostel.

4) I talked to people. I talked to my parents, I talked to Krista, and I talked to people in the hostel from all over the world. Over dinner, we realized there were people from Switzerland, Canada, United-States, Leitchenstein, Australia, France, Belgium, Ireland. There were also people who were from the nationalities mentioned above, but who have been living in Spain, Morocco, Scotland, and others. The world is very big, and yet, it is very small. Sometimes we all struggle with the same kinds of issues, and that brings humanity together, regardless of where you come from.

5) I took the day off stressing about looking for jobs and places to live. I just took the day as it came, avoided alcohol, and went to bed relatively early. With every dusk follows a dawn, and you just have to put your faith in the coming day that things will be better. 


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